Thursday, 28 April 2016

Responsive websites improving sales?

Can responsive website design help your website rank higher in the search engines?

Yes, yes it can.

End this article now.  Just kidding, if your here you probably know that a responsive website can rank higher than a similar website that isn’t responsive.  I know you want to know how and why, so keep on reading.

Google, the big dog themselves suggests that websites should be responsive.  For that reason alone you know your website should be responsive.  But forget Google for a second.  Your business relies on customers, without them you wouldn’t have a business.

A responsive website helps your customers navigate through your website.  It creates a better user experience and helps your users find what they were looking for much quicker.  If you can help your customers find your products easier then you should do it, your users will thank you for it.

Google and the smaller search engines also loves a website that helps the user find the content they were looking for.  Google you could say are in the results business.  They serve search results and if your website is providing the right results for the user then you are going to rank much higher than a website that users find not useful.

Google tracks the website visitor and monitors how quickly a user clicks that back button, this is called the bounce rate.  If a user lands on your site and then quickly leaves, Google will assume that your website wasn’t relevant to that search query.  Your site will then not rank as high as it would if the user wasn’t to leave your page right away.

 So why should you care?

In 2016 the amount of people that use mobile phones to browse the web is greater than those who use desktop computers.  Chances are you are reading this article on a mobile phone or tablet device right now.  It is estimated that 60% of people now browse the internet on a mobile device.

Imagine a business that turned away 50-60% of their customers.  How long do you think that business would last? That is exactly what you are doing when your website isn’t responsive.  Can you afford to turn away 60% of your customers?  I know I couldn’t. 

What can you do about it?

If your website isn’t mobile responsive, I highly recommend getting a new website.  After all, your website aside from yourself should be your best selling tool.  It works for you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.  If you want to upgrade, or rebuild your current website then I highly recommend finding a web design agency that specialises in responsive website design and development.

Here at WeeAre, we specialise in building mobile responsive websites that are search engine friendly and are easy to use.  We offer web design in wales and web designin Pontypridd. But we also offer our services to businesses all around the world.  We also have clients in England, Australia and New York City. 

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